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Boblr’s Manifesto* is clear and simple!

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* Inspired by the dSchool’s Manifesto.


eBay and the winners sharing their ideas and reflections.

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Big smiles at the prize-giving ceremony

Alessandro Coppo, VP and GM, eBay Classifieds, Northern Europe salutes 2 of the 3 team members Kristian Kongsted and Andreas Ohn: the winners of the challenge to create the ’it’ app for eBay.

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Science simplified
Chr. Hansen, the global bioscience company that develops natural ingredient solutions, was searching for a simple analogy/story, including a visual symbol, with no need for extra explanation:

For a long time, we had been looking for a needle in the haystack: how to simplify a complex science concept. And we got excited about experimenting with the online marketplace for creativity: Boblr.

Boblr connected us with talent around the world, and we were presented for many different ways of interpreting our concept – and we selected a very simple idea - just what we needed.

Boblr made it possible for us to find our needle, and afterwards we chose to work further with the winner to implement the winner concept

Charlotte Beyerholm
Marketing Manager
Human Health & Nutrition Division
Chr. Hansen A/S

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Not only 1 but 3 award winners for the concept development of the next "it" app

A few months ago eBay invited to a global competition on Boblr reaching out to creatives around the world to get the most innovative mobile app business model. The many submissions were so inspiring that eBay chose to award 3 winners from Denmark, Germany and the UK.

Extract from the jury’s comments
The winner solution is a truly creative and innovative concept, that makes life easier and lets us have more fun. There are already lots of apps around, however the three winner concepts inspire us to new and exciting ways to connect products and services from stores with private individuals.

The solutions have a commerce focus but at the same time they are human and attractive. There are ideas to how we use social media in a more human way, and engage both retailers and users in the daily shopping. Ideas answering the demands of the competition to develop the app that every urbanite will want to use over and over again!

More about the specific solutions cannot be revealed, but the ideas will be used in the development of eBay’s bid for the next “it” app.

The winners say

Winners of eBay’s global competition is the interdisciplinary team from Aarhus, Denmark, consisting of a design student from the School of Architecture (Kerstin Kongsted), two university students, one from Computer Science (Kristian Kongsted) and Information Science (Andreas Ohn):

It's been very exciting to participate in an international design competition and through our interdisciplinary collaboration we have all gained valuable experience. Our different backgrounds have generated a synergies, where we have utilized our expertise in concept development, usability and visual design.

Runner up concept winner Nigel Willis from United Kingdom, says:

“It was great fun developing a viable concept for such a prominent brand as eBay and I am thrilled my idea has been selected. I very much look forward to the concept turning in to reality over the coming months which I hope will deliver real benefits for the eBay community.

Runner up concept winner Marion Koelle and Bernhard Hering, Germany:

Participating in the eBay competition has been a great experience for us, as it was the first time we designed a concept for a 'real-world' application outside of university."

Boblr says
Congratulations to the 3 winners - you’ve contributed with talented inputs, which will inspire eBay for a very exciting app, I am sure all of us will want!
And thank you to everyone, who submitted a solution and made a great effort

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Simple is smart!

Congratulations to Jan Ohrt, who has just been appointed the winner of the Chr. Hansen challenge with a sophisticated solution, which simplifies a science concept.

Boblr salutes Jan and thanks every creative for the variety of inputs from all around the world!
Jan is very thrilled and he says:

’Helping Chr. Hansen with the mission to explain their probiotics in a simple and visual matter sent me on a journey, where I learned something completely new and different. For that I am thankful!
And when you win the consensus with the client, and on top of that the 3,000 € prize, the journey really has made sense.’


New model for creativity

Connecting those who need ideas with those who have them.

I'm always happy to get back in contact with companies I’ve worked with in the past. Usually it’s about specific challenges or projects for Boblr®, and every once in awhile I get reports of broader challenges concerning the brand and design industry, such as this one….
“So, I spoke to an agency, which over the past three yeas has worked closely with us and billed a fortune. And they gave us the message ‘We are sorry, but it will cost you the same amount of money to come up with more new creative ideas for your project. The reason is that we will need the same amount of hours to be innovative again.’

I said to her: ‘I don’t pay for the hours, I pay for the creative idea, and there is no creative idea yet, which can be used internationally.’”

We talked for about 30 minutes. About value creating, client expectations, international reach, high margins, administrative costs etc. She was trapped in an old-fashioned way of creating ideas on an assembly line.”
The important variables here are: 1) Ambitious client 2) Squeezed agency.
The agency was dependent on an inefficient and expensive process with a poor outcome this time, and the client had the confidence to push back.

The truth is that the interconnectivity within society challenges old models of brand and design in many ways. Interacting with the enormous pool of diverse creative talent, those who need ideas can be connected with those who have them, simply and with no overhead costs.

And the truth is that the best creative idea can be spotted all over the world even by young talents, who often have the weakest standpoints.

Once again, I was convinced that Boblr® has a raison d’être, and that yet another client had seen the light….

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A Boblr sound!

It’s just magic! Boblr has been given an acoustic identity!
From the innovative couple from Goldfish Sound.
Push the Boblr symbol, and enjoy to the full

It’s great to share it with you, and it would be great to get your reflections.
So please tell us what you like on Facebook.

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Congratulations to DIS students winning the Danfoss Challenge

Thanks a lot to all who participated in our Danfoss competition.
Here are the students who won the prize for the best social media recruitment idea. Read more here....


Boblr in the Finnish news

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Boblr in Finland

Malene Sihm Vejlsgaard, owner and founder of Boblr® visiting Finland
For years I have had a weakness for Finland and for the Finns. Again and again, Finland comes out as being the best country in the world: the functionality of Finnish society, basic education, their close relationship to nature, and the fact that Finns never give up, but roll up their sleeves to make an effort.


Winner logo unveiled

The official logo for the Helsinki 2012 European Athletics Championships has been unveiled!
Congratulations to Tuukka Rantala.
The announcement was celebrated with the press and Tero Pitkämäki, Finnish javelin thrower and world champion!
And the press around the world is sharing the news: Switzerland, Russia, Italy, Worldwide, Finland, Italy again, Finland again, United States, Spain, France, Somalia, France again and China.

A logo marathon....

Click and see the high quality designs and the diversity of ideas.
257 logos from 38 countries were submitted to Boblr® for the Helsinki 2012 European Athletics Championships.
Thanks to all Creatives, who put in a bid and have given us permission to share their designs here on the site.
The winner will be announced on March 24th, 2011


What's your favorite logo

An expert panel has shortlisted 4 of the 257 logos from 38 countries, which were submitted on Boblr®.
Now you can vote for the best logo and win a VIP ticket package to the Championships.
You might as well be curious to know about the the designers’ ideas behind the logos, why we share this with you here.

Vote for you favorite logo for Helsinki 2012!

February 26th-27th, 2011 | ILTA=SANOMAT


Why do I do what I do

By Malene
Someone recently asked me, ‘Why do you do, what you do, Malene?’ I’ve been asked that question several times over the last year, after I left a respected job as a CEO for an attractive design agency to start Boblr®. Over Christmas I put my thoughts into words and decided I would start this blog and share it as the first feed.

When I replayed my own personal journey, I began to realize that there are two experiences that have shaped me and guided my decision.

How to reach the best with least effort
The first relates to my relationship with quality and productivity – or to frame it less academic: how to reach the best result with least effort. Even my university thesis discussed the right balance between input and output in people industries, with all the challenges of intangible, emotional as well as timeless values.

The conclusion was enthusiastic, saying that the optimal is to make people do what they are good at, create an environment, which makes them happy, so they are also passionate about what they do, and thereby produce their best, and therefore match or exceed the clients’ expectations. I was so committed, and with a top grade, I went out in the real world to prove my theory.

I realize now that there was a little idealistic naiveté in my theory, nonetheless, my theory has been proven several times in my career. I have been blessed and worked with some of the best creatives in London and Copenhagen, and could see that if a talented team could just plug into work they loved to do, on terms they decided they created extraordinary quality, which exceeded expectations.

Something is rotten….
However, climbing the organizational ladder gave me more insight. It’s tough to be an agency today in post-recession, as the organizational set up focuses on costs and cost-cutting. Unfortunately, agencies are trapped in an old-fashioned way of thinking, and are still counting hours and costs, just as if ideas were created on an assembly line. And the tool to sell-in ‘creativity’ is PowerPoint presentations made by expensive consultants.

What happened to the individual’s passion, creativity and ambitions to be the best? What happened to the ‘input’ to create the best ‘output’? And who says that the best talent to solve your client’s challenge is actually in your agency? Maybe she is situated in New York or Singapore? Maybe he is the young talent, you never gave a chance and did not hire, as the agency only made people redundant?

I started questioning the traditional way of creating ideas, and asked myself: why not do things differently? Why not open up the process, create an organization without an organization, and allow for diverse perspectives by passionate talents all around the world. This input would get the desired results.

Being a role-model
The second experience relates to my family. I think family has the potential to shape all of us in surprising ways. One night while sitting at the dinner table with our two kids of seven and nine, we were discussing what makes happiness, and my husband and I gave our parental speech that happiness is about feeling good, and that people use different terms to describe what feels good for them. Possibly happiness for Julie might be a peaceful, satisfied, and comfortable feeling, and for Tobias it might be excitement and feeling fully alive with joy. But whatever they might feel, it is very important in life that they feel happiness and feel good about it. I illustrated the feeling with a happy bouncing bubble inside myself, and told them that they should always try to follow this happy bouncing bubble in life.

Later that evening, I had a moment of self-realization. I realized that I was not role-modeling happiness, that I had chosen the expected and ambitious career road; I was demonstrating good management and professionalism, but sold it for my bouncing bubble in life. What I decided was that the most valuable gift I could leave my children would be to try to do something, which would make not only me happy but also create bubbles in other people’s lives.

Of course, somehow this would need to be using the tools for the creative industry, which I had now spent years working. And when I rephrased my question: ‘why not do things differently in the creative industry?’ My bubble started bouncing.

Doing better by doing things differently
Since I started Boblr®, I have not looked back. Now my energies are focused on creating this open marketplace, where creatives cherry-pick the most rewarding challenges, and the clients cherry-pick the very best brand, design or communication solution. Our approach is simple: projects are open to all creatives regardless of experience, that’s where the diversity of ideas comes from. This is not about vast spec contests, as we post serious briefs and fair awards from interesting brands. That brings also highly experienced talents to the table. They just plug into work they love to do, on terms they decide and in ways that allow them to have it all. Clients gain from a talentsurge that brings more exciting professional competition to the project from all around the world. Powered by the internet, they spot new talent with no risk and only pay for the creative quality and the output and not the high costs of an old-fashioned organization.

So how do I answer the question: ‘Malene, why do you do what you do?’ After a little soul searching it’s simple: I want to improve the way we develop creativity. I want to change the traditional way of creating ideas: to give every talent a chance to work passionately on interesting jobs and to create extraordinary outputs, which exceed the expectations of the client. I want to live a life with meaning – something that makes me happy and the people involved happy – and my children proud to walk in my footsteps with their bouncing bubbles.

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In the news

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