The Boblr® way

1 Challenge
Boblr® helps the Client craft the Challenge, and together we define the brief, scope and budget.
Clients can also request several partial services from the Boblr® network.
Boblr® helps define the appropriate stages and the several types of Challenges.
If needed, Boblr® translates the brief into selected languages.
Boblr® posts the Challenge on our open marketplace, where Creatives around the globe can access it.

2 Creation
Creative talents across the globe generate Solutions.
When the Challenge is open, Creatives can post questions relevant to the brief. Answers will be visible to everyone.
Creatives submit Solutions including a description of the Solution and documents in the Boblr® Format and Submission Standards.

3 Reward
Boblr® facilitates the evaluation of Solutions with the Client. However, the final decision is naturally the Client’s.
The winning solution is determined using the detailed criteria stated in the Challenge.
Often Boblr® receives a wide range of Solutions in terms of both quality and refinement.
If preferred, the Client gets all Solutions. Alternatively, Boblr® takes charge of the Solution screening,
including a categorisation, prioritisation and a short list.
In some cases, the winning Creative will complete the chosen design solution with artwork.
If so, this additional work is included in the award, and will have been stated in the brief.
The Creative will send the artwork to the Client, and at this point the Creative transfers intellectual property to the Client.
Everything is safe. Boblr® sets up a legally binding contract with Creatives, so Creatives do not lose their exclusive property rights until the Client selects a winner.
Boblr® makes sure that the Creatives are treated fairly in the evaluation process,
and only posts Challenges and awards from highly reputable Clients.
The Client pays Boblr® a fee (€3,000) to post the Challenge and manage the process, as well as a 15% commission on the amount awarded. If needed, the Client pays for extra services such as translations of the brief, screening, categorisation and prioritisation of the short list, Client presentations, and additional projects.
Boblr® does not charge Creatives to view Challenges or submit Solutions.

Some insight

"Malene is a superb professional. She is smart, creative and reliable.
Malene´s consulting services will bring insight and independent wisdom to your business.
Her advice will result in a great asset to your brand and customer equity.”

Luis Huete
Professor IESE Business School

Malene Sihm Vejlsgaard is founder and CEO of Boblr®.

Malene has extensive experience (more than 20 years) from the creative industry, previously being CEO at the largest Nordic design agency Kontrapunkt and partner and co-managing director at the Danish subsidiary of the global brand agency Enterprise IG (today BrandUnion). In the 1990ies, Malene served as MD at the advertising agency BBDO Business Communications in Denmark, and earlier she was strategic consultant at international design agencies in London including Siegel Gale, Identica and Wolff Olins. She holds a M.Sc. in Business Administration from the Copenhagen Business School.
Malene is Chairman of the Business Panel of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts/ School of Design School, is nominated
Board Candidate for Women on Board by the Confederation of Danish Industry (Dansk Industri),
and is appointed member of the Aalto University Brand Council.

From Boblr® launch on August 12th | 2010

"I am really looking forward to your launch of Boblr®, Malene.
It looks like a great value proposition with the integrity of independence, Mads”
Mads Øvlisen | Denmark

Boblr® is the new way the world develops and buys professional creative

We connect Clients needing brand, design and communication work with the global Creative talent pool.
Creatives come because they are free to work on what they want and can earn top rewards.
Clients skip the hassle and expense of traditional procurement and get more and better options cost-effectively.

Boblr® is a win-win for Creatives and Clients alike
The Boblr® process is simple, efficient and effective:
Clients post their branding, design or communication challenge to the site.
Creative talents from around the world send their solutions.
The winning idea is rewarded and rewards.

"In this age of social networking, I think Malene has hit the nail with the right hammer with Boblr®.
Today's marketing and branding issues and opportunities tend to be of global nature by default,
and consequently benefit from experience, expertise and insights from many different areas
both professionally and geographically.
In my opinion Boblr® is an excellent concept
and I expect it to get a lot of wind under its wings very soon."

Tapio Hedman
Communications Director
Aalto University, Finland
Previously with numerous global communications, branding and marketing
leadership positions in Nokia for close to 15 years.