Maybe you have the fancy title. Maybe you don’t.
Either way, you’re free to try your hand at the quality projects listed on Boblr®.

We work hard to bring interesting and fairly paid challenges.
You work hard to solve them at your own pace—until deadline of course.
Along the way, develope quality pieces for your portfolio and gain an international profile as a seriously talented Creative.
And if your solution is chosen, get paid—up to 80% more than you’d make as an agency freelance on any given project.


"Taking part in the Kebomed challenge at Boblr was for me a life-changer actually!
At the time when I decided to take part in the challenge, I was working for a Danish advertising agency in Copenhagen. The thought of starting my own business had been stuck in mind for years, and winning the Kebomed challenge at Boblr was the decisive thing for me.
I simply love creating corporate identities and I santed to make it my living.
So now I have...
Thanks Boblr :-)"
Lars Pedersen Mønsted | Winner of the Kebomed Challenge: ONE company - ONE voice


“The challenge was to create an outstanding new label design and an identity, which is in line with the product’s uniqueness and personality in a European setting, and to be unique, strong and beautiful worldwide.
The task was to create a unique design. Honest, simple and innovative with the spirit of quality.
When you create product design for food and drinks, it’s important to be honest. To create a design that visualizes what it is about in the best possible way.
When you in the analysis process come to the core of what it is about, when its clear what to communicate. And to make a design that is in harmony with the content. Then the mission is to make that simple, strong and beautiful.

I think I won because of that. My design is simple, strong and beautiful. It is honest with the product. And maybe the most important part is that the design can convert to a range of other product and product families.”

Karsten Skjoldhøj | Denmark | Winner of the Spiralps Challenge: Simply Spirulina Inside!


"I am used to working with large international brands, usually it is a close relationship I build over a long term, to be able to create a forum where I can develop designs that are right for them and their audience.
Working with a Boblr Challenge was different, I had jump in to deep waters right away utilizing my experience and simply trusting my gut, to decide what was right for the client!
With Chr. Hansen I challenged myself to take a more bold approach to the task!
And I'm proud that they chose my solution."

Petur Hansen | Faroe Islands | Winner of the Chr. Hansen Challenge: Design a symbol communicating stability

The boblr challenge provides an interesting ramification of the companies participating to reach all creative minded round the globe and for designers and creative to get a pas into a profession, and something to show for it. It is a great and democratic way of participating. I had a great time diving into the challenge for a well-known brand as Dantoy. I found Boblr to be very professional and also personal in the communication, which is a great strength."
Line Langballe I Denmark | Winner of the dantoy challenge: Playtime!


"It might sound a little weird, but when I learned about the challenge I was very busy with other projects. So I simply put it away after reading it. No reason to take on new assignments that you might not even get paid for. Then after a few days the idea came up anyway, and I couldn't stop thinking about it. It followed me day and night and it was disturbing. So I gave myself one full work-day to create the sketches and submit the idea. So my motivation was basically to get the idea out of the way.”
What were your best experiences with Boblr?
I really liked the focus on the idea more than a finished project. It gave people with all kinds of backgrounds a fair chance. What I loved the most was the first chaotic 10 minutes when the idea was born and came to life. A lot of decisions were made in a very short time. And then of course the moment when I found out that I won.
Jeppe Norsker I Denmark | Winner of the dantoy challenge: Playtime!

’If you are creative and love challenges, then Boblr is the place to be. With Boblr you have the chance to test your creative skills not only against other creative talents, but also for large global brands. As a creative talent it can be hard to get the chance to work for brands like Novo Nordisk, Danfoss, Ebay and other large companies. With Boblr this is possible. I love the Boblr concept, the challenge to use the creative force to come up with creative solutions for real companies and the judgement from the companies in the end. With Boblr a new creative community connecting creative talents and innovative companies is born.’
Michael Hegelund Kierstein I Adromi I Denmark | Finalist of several Boblr challenges

’Having a place like Boblr to drop by, whenever you need some mental tickling, is a blessing to any creative.
The challenges are diverse, relevant and they all represent a slice of the real world.
Helping Chr. Hansen with the mission to explain their probiotics in a simple and visual matter sent me on a journey, where I learned something completely new and different. For that I am thankful!
And when you win the consensus with the client, and on top of that the 3,000 € prize, the journey really has made sense.’

Jan Ohrt | Denmark | Winner of Chr. Hansen’s challenge: Simplify our science

'It was an honour to be selected winner of the Novo Nordisk visualisation of brand values for Europe.
Throughout the process I experienced Boblr as professional yet personal
- and I felt my efforts appreciated in respectful manner.
For me, 'the Boblr way' provides a great backdoor to new interesting clients and assignments.'

Sofie Schelde | Denmark | Winner of Novo Nordisk’s challenge: Create a moodboard interpreting aesthetic values

”It’s hard to convince potential clients and gain an international profile as a young talented designer.
At Boblr I find interesting jobs, and my logo design was selected as the winner for the European Athletics Championships - Helsinki 2012. This has given me an outstanding reference to my portfolio and lots for PR in the international press as well.
The personal feedback all of us got from Boblr was a complete and positive surprise.
It's not an automatic flat site!"

Tuukka | Finland | Winner of the European Athletics Championships - Helsinki 2012 Challenge

This is the first advertising class I have taken where I was able to use my skills to work on a real life scenario for a company. The Danfoss project forced us think outside the box and helped us to harness our creativity. It is a great feeling to know that Danfoss is very interested and excited about the work we have done and the creative concept we have come up with!”

“Embrace the unexpected”
Gabriel, still recovering from the chock of being selected

Samantha, Gabriel, Cally, Adam and Rebecca | WorldWide team of students at DIS | Winners of a Danfoss Challenge

”It was a lot of fun participating in Boblr, and I recommend it to all
Aspiring and Professional Graphic Designers!"

Bandana | India | Winner of a Challenge for Novo Nordisk

’When I discovered Boblr, it was exciting to me to be able to submit work for clients that I would, under normal circumstances, never have an opportunity to present a design to. I've submitted a few designs, one of which won the Novo Nordisk Moodboard competition. It was fun to shoot and collect all the necessary photos, and combine them into a significant representational moodboard. I really appreciate the effort Malene goes to to make the artists feel welcome, and she is very easy to work with. She is a great asset and creative mind for Boblr. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and I look forward to more design competitions.’
Tanya Fowler | USA | Winner of Novo Nordisk’s challenge: Create a moodboard interpreting aesthetic values

"To be a global visionary designer, Boblr® is the way!
My works can be recognized internationally, it is amazing!"
Leo | graphic designer | Hong Kong

"Boblr® looks like a fantastic tool for entering the international market
as well as helping me complete my dream of a life abroad."
Christian | Ohio | USA

Why crowdsource when you can talentsurge?
There’s a difference.
Sure, Boblr® projects are open to all Creatives regardless of experience, that’s where the diversity of ideas comes from.
But Boblr® is all about posting serious briefs and fair awards from interesting brands.
That brings all Creatives to the table, including highly experienced talents,
the ones that might otherwise have less incentive to participate.

Client projects experience more than crowdsourcing,
they gain from a talentsurge that brings more exciting and professional competition to the project.
Attracting many creative minds to the challenge is one thing.
But it’s no substitute for attracting the best.

Formal relationships
Respecting Intellectual Property rights, that’s one of Boblr®’s core values. To prevent Creatives’ Intellectual Property rights from being stolen, Boblr® has a signed agreement from each Client, prohibiting them from selling, reproducing, modifying, displaying, preparing derivative works from, reposting or using the content from Creatives - without the express written permission from the owner of the work.

Your formal relationship with Boblr® is governed by the Boblr®Terms and Conditions. The most important elements of the agreement are:
• Boblr® is not your Client
• Boblr® facilitates access to the Client and helps transactions to take place
• When you file your Solution with Boblr® your also leave all rights to the Solution in escrow with Boblr®
• If you win, you would need to actually sign the transfer of rights, provide payment details while continuing to leave all rights with Boblr®
• The Client will then pay you the Award
• Only when payment has happened Boblr® will provide the rights to the Client
• If you do not win or no winner is found; the rights to the your Creative Solution simply reverts to you
• By uploading your Creative Solution to Webcargo you agree to the terms of the Boblr® Terms and Conditions, just as if you had signed it.