............................................................................................... Reward & tracking program for a leading energy company

............................................................................................... Reward & tracking program for a leading energy company

Client: DONG Energy | Award: € 14,000 | Deadline: Closed

Join the club: Develop a strong concept to communicate the value of being a DONG Energy customer – a benefit card-like concept (loyalty/reward programme), which is in line with our long-term objective of providing reliable energy without CO2. Note that the concept must be supported by a tracking system that is both innovative and creative, and not ‘just another club-card’.


DONG Energy is one of the leading energy groups in Northern Europe with a business based on procuring, producing, distributing and trading in energy and related products in Northern Europe. We have around 1 million customers primarily in Denmark, and headquarters are also based in Denmark. For more information on DONG Energy, please have a look at over

DONG Energy has a long-term objective: To provide reliable energy without CO2. We constantly strive to head and to move energy forward, and now we want to take one step further, and engage our own customers more in our vision. We want to assure them that their active choice of DONG Energy is the right choice. We know, however, that energy is not a high involvement product—to be engaging, we want to create a programme that rewards them in tangible ways (other than doing the right thing) for being a DONG Energy customer.

Your challenge is to help us develop a creative concept for the programme, and provide suggestions for an innovative tracking system. We’re looking for a coherent solution, which:
- Is in line with our long-term objective of reliable energy without CO2
- Has a strong, simple and relevant story communicating the value of being a DONG Energy customer – and actively having chosen to be one:
* The intangible benefits of moving energy forward
* The tangible benefits of getting access to special offers and discounts (like a benefit club).

- DONG Energy has several partnerships and sponsorships that reward our customers and allow them access to special offers and discounts. These include:
* Discounts or free entrances to theme parks, museums, and attractions
* Special offers for unique “one-off” events with partners – for instance with the Danish soccer team or evening events in a theme park or zoo
* Participation in competitions with prizes in the form of extraordinary tickets
* Savings on subscriptions to newspapers, magazines etc
* Special offers for pension schemes and insurance packages
* More special offers that will be developed over time

- Is supported by an innovative tracking system, which in itself is attractive, but at the same time is uncomplicated, simple and practically feasible. This system is key to the success of your submission. It could be based on a traditional tracking system using plastic cards for identification. However, alternative and more innovative solutions should be considered, and would be highly appreciated.

The purpose of the system is primarily to track the authentication of the memberships, when members redeem their discounts or present themselves at activities. Memberships are tracked by stating the customer number (6-9 digits) and the purchaser number (8-11 digits). The name of the customer could be included, but is not necessary. As memberships are on a 6 months term, memberships need to be updated every 6 months (which makes a plastic card solution expensive and ineffective).
There is an option of developing a specific DONG Energy Club site, which could be used for tracking purposes, using apps, sms or other web-based solutions. But more old-fashioned solutions with visible objects to track the membership could also be considered, including vouchers etc.
- Contains a detailed description of the tracking system including costs (both one time/ up front investments and operational costs), and suggestions to suppliers of the system
- Is designed in line with our visual identity, as presented in our

Help us quickly understand your submission, and please send the following for each concept you submit:

- A short description of the concept, including the story, and how it encourages customers to take advantage of the benefits that are available simply for being a DONG Energy customer.

- A description of the tracking system.
* If an IT-solution is needed, it should be thought through, extra costs should be estimated and possible suppliers suggested.
* If a visible object is needed to prove membership, please include illustrations and a short description.

- Ideas to communicate the concept online to the customers using social media and create an ad for Facebook, telling the story of the concept. You are also welcome to include ideas to communicate on other media such as videos or traditional print ads. Please remember to include a visualisation, if possible, and a short description of each communication idea.

- Ideas to new benefits to add and include in the reward pool, which support the long-term objective (of more reliable energy without CO2) or the story as it has been created

- Intellectual Property, Legal: We are interested in any intellectual property information regarding possible patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc. This includes IP you own or that others own that might present a conflict.

- Please submit in line with the
Boblr™ Format and Submission Standards

You can submit as many concepts as you like. You must submit a separate summary and description for each concept. Entry is free.

When you are ready to upload files, please use our Webcargo service and simply click on the button and follow the instructions. No need for usernames or passwords, and files will be securely encrypted when sending.

Please note that by submitting your Solution, you accept the
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The winner will receive a one-time payment of € 14,000


Your submission will be judged on:
- Creativity: Is the concept innovative and engaging, and has the concept entry and indeed the tracking system met the needs, desires and requirements outlined in the brief
- Feasibility: Can the concept and especially the tracking system be implemented relatively simply and at reasonable cost
- Clarity: Does the submission have a clear, concise, and appropriate description text that explains the concept and how it addresses the requirements