.............................................................................................. Playtime!

.............................................................................................. Playtime!

Client: dantoy | Award: € 3,000 | Deadline: Closed

Design a new toy or toy system that no 3-6 year-old could resist.

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dantoy is one of the largest plastic toy manufacturers in Scandinavia - but you’re really designing for 3-6 year olds, especially those still in daycare or kindergarten. They’re imaginative, restless, curious and charmingly upfront about what they like. So a boring toy is pretty much out of the question.
You’re also designing for the kindergarten or daycare. They have low budgets. They have lots of kids. And they’re pretty picky - just as dantoy is - that the toy or system you come up with also teaches and leads to friendly sharing.

dantoy will bring the right play idea - maybe yours - to life.
You should take a look at our catalogue of existing toys before you get started at
dantoy.dk. as well as this video telling the story of why we reach out to you for great new ideas.

A smart and especially fun toy or toy system (lots of related parts that can be developed and added over time) that daycares and kindergartens will want and be able to afford. And that 3-6 year olds will want to play with all the time - preferably letting them share the fun with their friends in some way.
We have an idea of what 3-6 year olds like - dantoy has been making toys for more than 50 years, toys that are played with in every part of the world.
But we want to see new ideas. Wouldn’t it be great to have kids around the world playing with and learning from a toy you designed?

Some need-to-knows:
• dantoy makes plastic, injection-moulded toys - so your idea should work for that production method, or some other relatively simple way...
• Kids and daycare means rough and tumble - it has to be simple, high quality and durable. Kids should be able to play with them inside or outside, so they need to be easy to clean.
• We believe that children’s development and learning is key - in terms of imagination, creativity and fine motor skills, which the functionality of the toy needs to support.
• By ”toy systems” we mean building blocks, or kitchen sets or the like - toys that can be added to with related new toys over time, or that have interconnecting pieces that promote creativity. You can see examples of what we mean in our catalogue at www.dantoy.dk
• Remember, daycares and kindergartens have tight budgets - your idea should cost between €3 and €27 to buy. Cheap and cheerful works for them!

• Nothing that is complicated to assemble or needs screws, for obvious reasons
• Please try and keep decorative elements to a minimum - a look at
our catalogue will show you we try to keep decoration simple.
• Nothing that involves small pieces that can be swallowed or is dangerous in any way - your toy is for 3-6 year olds, but it still needs to be approvable for kids under the age of 3.

On or before January 17, 2013:
1 or max 2 pages with some basic sketches of your idea, and a short written explanation of it - a few lines should be enough.

If you’ve designed a model or prototype (which is NOT necessary), you can attach a photo of it to your entry.
You can also submit your idea on a max. 1 minute video, if you prefer - show us your sketch or prototype and record your voice explanation.

If your design is chosen for the final selection phase:
Once we’ve gone through all the ideas and selected the ones kids and their minders will love, we will ask for a more detailed explanation of the idea (if necessary).
You will be contacted on or before January 23, 2013 to confirm your idea has moved on to the final selection stage.
You are likely to be asked for additional information or idea development, to be delivered on or before January 31, 2013.


You can submit as many ideas as you like. Please submit each idea separately. Entry is free.
Please submit in line with the Boblr® Format and Submission Standards

When you are ready to upload files, please use our Webcargo service and simply click on the UPLOAD button and follow the instructions. No need for usernames or passwords, and files will be securely encrypted when sending.

Please note that by uploading your Solution, you accept the Boblr® Terms and Conditions

The winning design will be awarded € 3,000.
The winning design will be chosen by a panel consisting of the Boblr creative team, dantoy product designers and dantoy marketing/management.

Closed: Please send your early sketches and VERY short idea explanation.

How much fun is it
How attractive would it be to daycares/kindergartens on low budgets
How easy is it to produce - especially if it works easily with our existing plastic injection-moulding method
Can the toy be added to or expanded on in an obvious way for future development?
Please remember: anything that seems complicated or unsafe won’t be considered at all - think of the kids!