............................................................................................... Develop a recruitment concept for Danfoss

............................................................................................... Develop a recruitment concept for Danfoss

Client: Danfoss | Award: € 20,000 | Deadline: Closed

Calling all innovators: Develop an innovative, Danfoss-unique recruitment concept to attract candidates globally. The concept should be informative and attractive, but also ensure candidates truly engage with the Danfoss brand. The concept should be effective online as well as offline.


Danfoss is a global producer of solutions within Climate & Energy and employs approximately 26,000 people worldwide. We have a passion for innovation at all levels of the business, and invest extensively in developing creative energy efficient solutions and products that add value for our customers.

Our goal is to be recognised as a global trendsetter, one that passionately pushes boundaries on results and reputation. We’re working towards that goal by leading the way in reliability, excellence, and innovation – driving true customer satisfaction and solutions within Climate & Energy..

For more information, please have a look at
our website and the presentation describing the Danfoss Brand.

Your challenge is to help us develop an innovative recruitment concept that is strategically founded in our brand and can work for us long-term—this is more than a one-off campaign.

Recently, Danfoss and the Danfoss brand have gone through a period of transformation, and work is ongoing to align our communication with the brand. We know that our employees are key to our success. We also know that the way we communicate and attract new employees is fundamental to recruiting the right people—talented and passionate individuals who will help us maintain our position as trend leaders in our industry.

Target group
When thinking of our target audience, think global: the Danfoss brand is global and our communication should work worldwide. But even though the overall message and concept should work globally, the core concept must also be adaptable to specific regions.

The target group is actually quite broad, and the headline could be ‘engaged and talented people’.

With this in mind, we want to first attract engineers and economists, who might usually opt to work with other industrial companies, consultancies or accountancies. They can have some experience or be new graduates. The people we’re looking for will support our ambitious business goals for the future
Secondly, we want to attract blue-collar workers in China. Even though this is a very different group, it’s important to us that all employees understand Danfoss supports and helps people worldwide to realise their career potential.

Our message
Our Danfoss brand is the core message. But we have prioritised some key messages for recruitment:

• One Company One Brand
Danfoss would like to reflect that we are one company and have one brand, which is deeply rooted in our history and culture, and in the way we go about our daily business. With ‘Aspiration’, ‘Promise’ and ‘Behaviour’ as our foundation, Danfoss lives up to the expectations of being an international trendsetter, see
the Danfoss Brand presentation.

• We are successful
Previously we have had a tendency to communicate in a low-key, humble style. However, we now focus on a more direct and proud communication approach, based on facts and results and with more edge. Our story is one of a successful global company leading the way in product and solution development with true customer-centric zeal. We are proud of all the ways we are delivering true customer value. And we want more successful employees to share in our company’s successes.

• Back on track
Especially in Denmark, it is important to show Danfoss is back on track. The financial crisis had a tremendous impact on our business, resulting in layoffs and losses. We have now recovered, and are growing quickly and profitably.

• High Aspirations
We make a difference as a company. Being a part of the Danfoss brand, the employee shares our aspiration and makes a difference, and through our brand realises personal hopes and personal vision.

• Realising potential
We highly believe in the potential of the individual, and try to realise that potential in the best possible way. Career satisfaction is prioritised above advancement for the sake of advancement.

• Walking the extra mile
Personal qualities are highly valued, sometimes even more than qualifications. These personal qualities include respect and responsibility, as our culture highly values result-focused people with the drive and desire to ‘walk the extra mile’. That is why we would like to downplay our previous recruitment priority on finding the right work-life balance. It is not unique anymore, even though we still believe in it and it is a strong part of our company culture.

• And walking in the customers’ shoes
At Danfoss we are focused not on product and functionality but customer benefits, and questioning how we can help our customers be more successful. That means putting ourselves second and asking questions seeking understanding instead of presenting pre-fab solutions.

• Intangible values
Our compensation package is definitely attractive, but should not be the emphasis of the concept. The same goes for the location of the company —Danfoss is a global company, but being global should be used more as a supporting quality rather than a focus.

We are looking for a strong concept that can be used in traditional, and very importantly, in non-traditional media worldwide. So please feel free to exemplify in various media such as Facebook, blogging, ads, short television commercials (15 sec), networks etc. Please note that there is a
separate challenge on Boblr® specifically to develop a social media strategy, but do include your plans on using social media in this challenge as well.

The concept should mirror the Danfoss brand as set out in the
Danfoss brand document, and not be in line with what you see at our website from a look and feel point of view. Our new style as presented in the Danfoss brand document should be followed.

Help us quickly understand your submission, and please send the following for your concept:

1 Executive summary of the submission on one page only

2 Detailed description of your concept, addressing issues such as:
a. Idea: Describe the idea, and the thinking behind it. How is it innovative? How does it match the Danfoss brand?
b. Strategy: How would you plan to implement the concept? What are your ideas to communicate the concept on many different media and tools online as well as off-line? When, how and why? How could the concept be executed in more media?
c. Execution: Please visualise your concept in various ways and include a description of each idea. Specifically, be sure to address the most effective media and include ideas to develop and change the career site to the concept (without changing the technical process for applying)
d. Adaptation: Explain how could the concept be adapted to different cultures such as Denmark, China and the US. Please include one or more examples.

3 Intellectual Property, Legal: We are interested in any intellectual property information regarding possible patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc. This includes IP you own or that others own that might present a conflict.

4 Please submit in line with the
Boblr® Format and Submission Standards

You can submit as many concepts as you like. You must submit a separate summary and description for each concept. Entry is free.

When you are ready to upload files, please use our Webcargo service and simply click on the button and follow the instructions. No need for usernames or passwords, and files will be securely encrypted when sending.

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The selected concept will receive a one-time payment of € 20.000


We are looking for a creative concept that stands out when judged on these criteria:
• Innovative: Is the concept innovative and engaging, and has the concept entry met the needs, desires and requirements outlined in the brief?

• Consistent: Is the concept in line with the Danfoss brand? Is it more than a campaign, does it have the impact to be used for the foreseeable future?

• Global: Can the concept be used globally with some local adaptation, supporting our brand and not compromising it?

• Impact: Will the concept live up to our expectations and deliver on our recruiting goals?