............................................................................................... Design the logo for the Helsinki 2012 European Athletics Championships

............................................................................................... Design the logo for the Helsinki 2012 European Athletics Championships

Client: European Athletics & Helsinki 2012 Local Organising Committee | Award: € 5,000 | Deadline: Closed

Design a fresh and compelling logo for the Helsinki 2012 European Athletics Championships—one that really stands out. Operating from the guidelines in the design manual, you’ll set the tone for the most exciting event yet, rallying Finland around an incomparable experience.

The European Athletics Championships is the organisation’s flagship event and is held every 2 years in a different European city. The event is highly popular with athletes and fans alike. The pace is high, the events varied, and the competition between some of the world’s very best athletes breathtakingly exciting. You can find out more about the European Athletics, whose slogan is ‘Your Sport for Life!’, and past events here.

Helsinki 2012 will have hundreds of millions viewers and will be one of the biggest events ever organised in Finland. It will be held over 5 days, from 27 June to 1 July 2012. Please find more info about the event and the Local Organising Committee in Finland here.

Your Challenge is to design a fresh, modern and compact logo that captures the spirit of the event. The only restrictions are to follow the guidelines in the design manual – the rest is up to you, and we hope to see a unique, empowering symbol that will make the whole world pay attention!

Do read the design manual and refer to it often as you work. Even the most exciting logo will be disqualified if it doesn’t work within our guidelines. The template mentioned in the manual is available for downloading here. The typography to be used is FB Agenda, however if you do not already have this font, you can choose an alternative standard font, which is as close to FB Agenda as possible. The font will then be corrected later, if your logo is the winner.

Green and/or blue are our primary colours, and must be the main colour(s) in the event logo. You can also use the European Athletics logo colours of orange and yellow as a complement, if you wish. No other colours or variations will be accepted.

For inspiration keep in mind as you work two visual themes, and try to make your logo support both of them:

The first is that visually, overall event design will reflect Finnish expertise and the role of modern technology in building and managing Helsinki 2012.

The second is something Finland is already well-known and appreciated for: the purity, originality and power of its natural landscape. Your logo should support and live up to its beauty, simplicity and inspiration.

Our primary audience is the Finns. Fan participation is a cornerstone of athletics, and this is a great opportunity for Finns to come and see Europe’s best athletes live. But the games do compete with other summer activities, of course. So we must stand out as a ‘must see’ event.

The logo will also be broadcast on television and be seen in media by hundreds of millions of Europeans and others around the globe. It’s got to have the ‘wow’ effect.

A final word. The Helsinki 2012 European Athletics Championships is the sixth in a series of international track & field competitions in Helsinki—the others being Olympics 1952, World Championships 1983 and 2005, and European Athletics Championships 1971 and 1994. No other city in Europe has hosted so many major athletics events. Finland is proud of that tradition, and we are going to build on it by making Helsinki 2012 the greatest event yet. Your logo will bring a country together in celebrating some of the finest moments in sports history. Make it count!

Avoid clichés. Make yourself familiar with past event logos, if you can, and avoid replicating them. We want to stand out, and will appreciate a unique and original approach.

Also—if it’s not allowed in the design manual, don’t send it. These guidelines were developed to ensure a strong and consistent brand aesthetic. Submissions will be considered only if they meet the manual’s requirements in every way, including colour matching.

Please supply the following:

1 The logo in both colour and black and white, to scale, in digital format (EPS (CMYK), EPS black (CMYK), EPS white (CMYK), EPS (PMS), EPS black (PMS), EPS white (PMS) and illustrator CS4 ai.)

2 A short explanation of your logo on a separate sheet. Include your inspiration for your work, and any relevant design considerations you think will be helpful in our assessment.

3 Please record your submission with your name and e-mail address

4 Intellectual Property, Legal: We are interested in any intellectual property information regarding possible patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc. This includes IP you own or that others own that might present a conflict.

5 Please submit in line with the Boblr® Format and Submission Standards

6 Please note that by submitting your Solution you accept the Boblr® Terms and Conditions

You may submit more than one logo. Please keep all your submissions and explanations separate from each other, ie submit them separately. Entry is free.

When you are ready to upload files, please use our Webcargo service and simply click on the button and follow the instructions. No need for usernames or passwords, and files will be securely encrypted when sending.

Please note that by submitting your Solution, you accept the Boblr® Terms and Conditions

A one time award of €5,000 will be paid for all rights to the winning submission.


In evaluating your work, we will be asking ourselves a few critical questions:

• Does the logo live up to the expectation of “one of the greatest ever events in Finland”, including the fresh, modern and compact design?
• Will it work within the supporting visual framework of both Finnish technological expertise and nature?
• Does the logo meet the requirements outlined in the design manual?
• Does it wow? Is it unique? Will it stand out?