............................................................................................... Create the identity and label design of the first fresh spirulina drink

............................................................................................... Create the identity and label design of the first fresh spirulina drink

Client: SpirAlps | Award: € 2,000 | Deadline: Closed

Simply spirulina inside: Develop a new identity and label design of the first fresh spirulina drink. The product itself is an innovation with true functional benefits, which should be expressed visually, mirror premium quality and make the bottle stand out in an honest and simple way.

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Two Swiss scientists shared an ambition to invent efficient natural products for the first time based on fresh spirulina (algea) with remarkable nutraceutical benefits. Using breakthrough technologies including cold pressurisation (High Pressure Processing) so every ingredient does what it is naturally intended to do, they innovated Spiralps®.
The world of smoothies, juices, functional drinks and energy drinks is confusing with loud claims and benefits wrapped into overpromising packaging, ignoring consumers’ basic needs of effectiveness, simplicity, confidence, truth and responsibility. And ignoring the essential: the product itself.
Spiralps® has nothing to hide – it’s a unique drink.
Spiralps® is the first fresh spirulina drink (not dried spirulina), naturally packed using cold pressured technology, which keeps health and wellness goals on track long term.

Spiralps® has been marketed successfully in Switzerland for one year to a premium price, and now the company sees tremendous opportunities in the international market.
The Spiralps® consumers are Naturalities, who are interested in paying a premium price for a true innovative product, which keeps their health and wellness goals on track and answers their needs for natural healing – also long-term.

Urban men and women, who are actively working and have little time to eat healthily every day, but are motivated for healthy and natural food. Healthy is not only physical but also mental and spiritual. They are concerned more on personal rather than planetary sustainability.

If you are interested to learn more about the product itself and the magic of spirulina, please visit
Spiralps.com. But please do not relate to the current brand, when you develop the new outstanding identity and label design!


Your challenge is to create an outstanding new label design and an identity, which is in line with the product’s uniqueness and personality in a European setting.

The new Spiralps® brand personality, the new text and the design guidelines are shared in
this presentation document (alternatively you can pick it up in Boblr’s DropBox) and have to be followed by you. That’s essential!
It’s up to you to create this unique, honest design, which mirrors the premium quality of this worldwide product innovation. The text in 3 languages can be copied and pasted into your design from
this word document (alternatively you can pick it up in Boblr’s Dropbox)

Avoid clichés. Spiralps® is not just another drink - and it has nothing to hide!
Therefore the bottle design should stand out as such: an honest, simple product innovation.

Also—if your design is not following the design guidelines (or use Boblr’s Dropbox) , don’t send it. These guidelines were developed to position Spiralpin the marketplace and to ensure a strong brand aesthetic.

On or before January 28th, 2014:
1 Your label design as a sketch (not final artworks). If you chose the English version, please indicate how a second language will be presented.

2 A short explanation of your idea - a few lines should be enough.

3 Please record your submission with your name and e-mail address

4 Intellectual Property, Legal: We are interested in any intellectual property information regarding possible patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc. This includes IP you own or that others own that might present a conflict.

5 Please submit in line with the Boblr® Format and Submission Standards

6 Please note that by submitting your Solution you accept the Boblr® Terms and Conditions

You may submit more than one Solution. Please keep all your submissions and explanations separate from each other, ie submit them separately. Entry is free.

When you are ready to upload files, please use our Webcargo service and simply click on the button and follow the instructions. No need for usernames or passwords, and files will be securely encrypted when sending.

If your design is chosen as the winner:
Once we’ve gone through all the ideas and selected the one simply telling the Spiralps story, you will be asked to provide the artworks for both the English and the German+French version following the specifications enclosed in the design guidelines.

The selected Solution will receive a one-time payment of € 2.000, which includes final artworks.


In evaluating your work, we will be asking ourselves a few critical questions:

• Does the submission live up to the brand as expressed in the design guidelines - being simple and Swiss with nothing to hide?
• Will it work in an international context?
• Does the submission meet the requirements outlined in the design guidelines?
• Does it wow? Is it unique? Will its simplicity be strong enough to make it stand out?