ONE company - ONE voice

ONE company - ONE voice

Client: KEBOMED | Award: € 7,500 | Deadline: CLOSED: April 24th 2014 at 12 AM GMT

Redesign the logo and the identity for the medical surgery company KEBOMED now united across countries in Europe.
Logo and identity should be distinctive and powerful and reflect one European company with one voice.

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KEBOMED is a ‘one point of contact’ sales force in Europe for medical surgery devices.
Over the last couple of years, several distributors in Europe have been acquired to create this stronger united company with European reach, having local based sales forces and offering high-quality products including in-service.
That’s unique for KEBOMED: It’s a solid company having the power to think long-term and the curiosity to inspire its partners.

KEBOMED needs a redesign of the logo and identity. The name origins from the Danish company, but being a European company today, the logo needs to be updated to communicate what the ‘new and united’ KEBOMED is today – more than a local distributor:

• We want ‘new’ KEBOMED to express that we are a ‘one point of contact’ sales force, which gives our partners the benefit of feeling secure, efficient and inspired wherever they meet us in Europe.

• We work in the business-to-business industry, having partners from two professional sites enjoying various benefits from KEBOMED:
- suppliers - large and global or small specialised surgery device producers, looking for a partner, who can do the sales job for them in an easy, cost-efficient and professional way all around Europe – better than if they did the sales job themselves
- hospital doctors – looking for a partner, who can make them feel ‘first’ with new device products, and who shares specific clinical expert advice and makes them feel enlightened professionally.

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• Our brand personality is ‘a Volkswagen with a touch of Porsche flash’, and we would like the logo to visualise a mixture of both car brand worlds:
– Solidity – ‘You know what you get’ – also long-term
– Consistency and homogeneity - locally and internationally
– Curiosity – we inspire with news about latest state-of-the art innovations


Today the KEBOMED logo is blue and written in capital letters. Please challenge us, however, stay within the framework of the brand personality, which is still rather conservative, but needs ‘curiosity’ and the European visionary oomph.

It’s up to you to decide if an icon would create value to the logo and identity. But do not make any connection to the current bullet-point icon.

The identity should have simple but powerful design elements, which in an intelligent way support the KEBOMED personality and can be used easily across media including digital and printed media, signage etc, using standard typography and standard technical tools.

Please send the following:

1. Logo design (as a sketch not final artwork)
Please supply a short explanation of your design, including your inspiration for your work and any relevant considerations you think will be helpful in our assessment.

2. Visual identity elements
Visual examples on how the logo and the identity will work (typography/ colours/ design elements/ photo style) across media including
- a website page (ref.
- a business card.

3. Indication of interest in future collaboration
As KEBOMED is interested in working with the winner in the future to carefully translate the use of logo and the identity to communication media needed and to develop a design manual, please:
a. shortly state if you are your interested in a future implementation collaboration (it’s not a prerequisite for winning the challenge)
b. share links or portfolios to relevant projects
c. state a budget as an example for redesigning the template of the website

4. Please include your name, country and e-mail address directly on your submission

5. Intellectual Property, Legal:
We are interested in any intellectual property information regarding possible patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc. This includes IP you own or that others own that might present a conflict.

Please submit in line with the Boblr® Format and Submission Standards

You may submit more than one Solution. Please keep all your submissions and explanations separate from each other, ie submit them separately. Entry is free.

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€ 7,500, which includes final artworks of the logo to be completed by the winner following the nomination

April 24th 2014 at 12 AM GMT

In evaluating your work, we will be asking ourselves a few critical questions:
• Does the logo live up to the expectation of the ‘solid and curious’ European KEBOMED as outlined above?
• Does it wow and will it stand out? - And is it equally appropriate for a solid established player in a professional conservative industry?
• Will it work across all media?
• Does it answer both functional and image criteria as specified in ‘What’ above?