............................................................................................... Create a moodboard interpreting aesthetic values

............................................................................................... Create a moodboard interpreting aesthetic values

Client: Novo Nordisk | Award: 3 winners of € 3,000 each | Deadline: Closed

Create an inspirational moodboard reflecting Novo Nordisk values and themes. The moodboard should reflect these values and themes as they apply to your area/culture, and will be used as a visual aid for guiding future development work within Novo Nordisk.


Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with 87 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care. Headquartered in Denmark, Novo Nordisk employs more than 30,000 employees in 76 countries, and markets its products in 179 countries. Novo Nordisk is widely recognized for outstanding design through the company’s commitment to provide products that address real patients concerns. You can find more information about Novo Nordisk on
our site.

Novo Nordisk is tapping into Boblr®’s talented global Creative pool to find relevant visual expressions of their themes and values across 3 cultural areas: Europe, Asia and the US. Combined, the visuals will form moodboards that provide inspiration and insight for ongoing and upcoming projects in these markets. The winning moodboards could be used as a starting point for product design, marketing and communications, strategic development and much more.

Three moodboards will be selected: one from Europe, one from Asia and one from the US.

Your moodboard can be a combination of images, text, colours, materials… whatever you think addresses the themes and values in your market the best way. The themes and values you’ll work with are:

• Trust
• Open and honest
• Caring and passionate
• Drive – focus – leadership
• Sustainability
• Disposability
• Hygienic
• Discretion

Your choices do not have to individually express all values and themes at the same time. We’re looking for a collage of representations that reflect one or more values or themes—and that together give us a picture of how they are seen/felt/expressed/understood in your area (Europe, US or Asia).

The moodboard will be used as a visual tool to inspire or guide tangible products and projects. But it should still be more symbolic - not include physical or tangible products – but reflecting moods, feelings, characters, tones in the forms of colour, temper, texture etc. We are not looking for one single representation of all values and themes—we’d like to see a collection of individual elements in any number that, collectively, reflect the Novo Nordisk values and themes in the best possible way.

Keep your submission simple, so we quickly understand your interpretation and thinking. Please send the following:
1 A presentation including:
a. An introduction specifying your cultural area (Asia, Europe or the US), name and contact details.
b. One moodboard, either a photograph of your collage on a mounting board or a digital version assembled in a digital format.
c. A rationale for your choices - tell us what you chose and why, and explain how your choices are relevant to the 8 values and themes specified in this brief. This rationale is key to the success of your submission.
2 Intellectual Property, Legal: We are interested in any intellectual property information regarding possible patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc. This includes IP you own or that others own that might present a conflict.
3 Please submit in line with the
Boblr® Format and Submission Standards
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Entry is free.

When you are ready to upload files, please use our Webcargo service and simply click on the button and follow the instructions. No need for usernames or passwords, and files will be securely encrypted when sending.

Please note that by submitting your Solution, you accept the Boblr® Terms and Conditions

There will be 3 winners, each receiving a one-time payment of € 3,000


Winning moodboards will be:

• Clear and to the point: the elements clearly and quickly communicate an interpretation of the values and themes that is relevant to your culture
• Well-reasoned: your explanations for your choices are well-supported and insightful
• Inspiring: the moodboard has much potential for guiding future design development.